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Brutal Sun presents....
Da Bunny

Hand Sculpted, Hand Painted One-of-a-kind Silly Feline Figurine

Feline art by Brutal Sun.

Feline art by Brutal Sun.

Feline art by Brutal Sun.

Feline art by Brutal Sun.

Feline art by Brutal Sun.

Feline art by Brutal Sun.

About The Piece

Da Bunny has been lovingly sculpted over a wire and foil armature out of FIMO polymer clay. She was then baked for the duration and at the temperature recommended by the clay's manufacturer. This means there are no plasticizers in her form, which could make her crumble well before she's been handed over to the next generation. As you can see, no details were spared on her ... just look at all those ears!

She has been painted with acrylics and soft pastels. Afterwards, she was sprayed with a couple coats of matte varnish to protect her paint job from loving fingers.

Her life-like yellow eyes were painstakingly made by me.

Sculpture stands about 3.5 inches tall.

Payment and Shipping

  • I take Paypal, or cards through Paypal. When a winner of this piece is determined, I will send him or her a Paypal invoice with the full amount or first pre-agreed payment installment. To pay with a card, simply follow the instructions on the Paypal invoice; there's a 'pay with card' link/button in there somewhere.
  • I may be willing to work out a payment plan for any of my trusty regulars, or regulars of my sister (Leslie of Sands of Fire Dolls). But please contact me before making an offer, so we can figure things out. This is my living. My financial circumstances will be different at the time of each and every sell. Sometimes layaway will be fine, and even greatly appreciated, if it means a higher selling price. Other days, I may have urgent bills to pay, and will favor a lower offer that can pay all/most upfront.
  • Taking a few days to pay so that it falls within a doable paycheck cycle for you may be fine too. But please ask before you make an offer!
  • If you don't want this shipped to the address on your Paypal account, or are using a card, please, please let me know what the shipping address is right away. I'm not particularly fond of shipping art to the wrong address. LOL.
  • This item is shipping from Wyoming via Priority. Also,unless otherwise stated, shipping to the United States is free on all art selling for $300 or more.
  • I'm happy to ship internationally, and have safely done so many times. Contact me, so I can calculate how much shipping will be to your country.
  • This is an OOAK handmade item, crafted by a hard-working artist for a living. As such, all sales are as is and final.
  • If you have any questions whatsoever, just ask!

Thank you so much for looking.

Hugs, Sara